Offset “Father Of 4” Album Cover, Track-List and Children

Offset “Father Of 4” Album Shot On Brood; Reveald Cover and 16 Tracks

Offset listed his blended brood from Jordan-9yrs down to
Kody-3yrs, Kalea-3yrs and Kulture who is -7months. The migos rapper has
focus on this first solo project and takes his time to give lengthy
emphasis on this all and all album.

While his interview on Esquire, Offset talks his temporally breakup with Cardi b and also speaks more on Father Of 4 album. Set set himself on a throne surrounded with
his four children just as mentioned above. The structure simply stick on
everyone’s mind,that blood crew entitled Offset album Cover art.

But before he start story about his album he first brag over his 4
kids. ‘Have you seen my kids?! They’re beautiful,’ he said during new
interview. On the cover photo, you will also see baby girl Kulture his
new baby with Cardi b.

The migos rapper offset said that Father
Of 4 a album means the world to him. “This album means the world to me
took my time with the project. Take your
time listening very special stories within the songs,” said on twitter

Father Of 4 tracks

“Father hood was missing in my life and sometimes I have to be missing
for work but it all come back to the little ones I’m setting them up for
the future. I didn’t take the cleanest route to success I ran into
walls and hurdles but I over came them I’m proud of me,” he continues on Twitter. See more below.

Offset project due this year is complied with 16 track as wee peak on the track list. He also revealed the releasing date of the album.

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