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Offset Apologizes To Chris Brown Run-In Over 21 Savage Arrest

Offset Apologizes To Chris Brown Run-In Over 21 Savage Arrest
21 Savage US ICE arrest puts a limit to Chris Brown and Offset. Both parties struggle unleash jabs on each other. Which Savage aftermath fetch him bond released, Offset then by stopped Breakfast Club to address his father of 4 solo. There his discussion was all about first solo project, his children and also interfere on Card b relationship which he once took to Esquire.

Charlamagne Tha God who was with hia then asked him few questions which weigh in on Offset social melee with R&B singer Chris Brown. According to Offset reply, he mentioned that he don't event to talk about yet he end up showing how disrespect he flet over Chris Brown meme on 21 Savage.

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"I don't even want to talk about that," responded the "Red Room" rhymer to Charlamagne's question. "I apologize to my fans and my folk. Who I am, I ain't even supposed to be replying. That's my fault for going on shorty's sh*t."

The father of 4 rapper rounded by saying "The disrespect, it's hard to tolerate it. From my background, I was taught to adjust to disrespect and handle disrespect. But I be seeing who I am sometimes like, 'Damn.' Cause it could go so left field and when it goes left field ain't nobody gonna do nothing but point... At the end of the day, you don't get no stripes for that. I'm not trying to get stripes. I'm trying to get money. I'm trying to have my family together. I got these kids" Offset said.

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