NYPD Officer Allegedly Order Cops To Shoot 50 Cent On Sight

NYPD Officer Allegedly Order Cops To Shoot 50 Cent On Sight
A new case has been open as one of the New York police Department openly order his men to make use of 50 Cent Get The Strap as we officially obtained report from TMZ.

The officer whose real name is Emanuel Gonzalez made has run-ins with 50 Cent on 2018 June. 50 Cent whom we know as G Strap was set to attend an NYPD boxing match in the Bronx,which provoked Gonzalez to say, “Shoot
him on sight.”
Both has beef and seems everthing gets started when Fif verbally threat Gonzalez with his Get The Strap which means gun. The harrassment from Cent appears more serious to the officer and which now having a physical assault which comes as an instruction.
Daily News also report the breaking headline stating the 2018 threat from Fifty to the NYPD officer. During 2018, Cent to aim on Gonzalez posting an update showing his Get The Strap pharase.
On other hand the troll master once said that Gonzalez interfer to something which he found guilty of and he then clap back to the officer by posting his Get The Strap. Gonzalez has let it go by saying it was a joke after an insider heard him saying shoot him on sight.
The officer who has been on force for over 30years is now getting a serious investigation over his threatening back comnent. Eveyone is asking 50 Cent going to do next, although the rapper and his legal team are working on the case. We hope you know who the G-Unit is.

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