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Mystikal Joined 21 Savage Freedom But Not On Bond

Mystikal Case dismissed
The internet just spark positive as Mystikal acquired new freedom. Yes he has been released from prison after a very long time indoor. He was locked up for about a year plus and his release was not on bond just like 21 Savage who still wait for his court hearing.

The rapper whose real is Michael Tyler was report by TMZ after he rounded up $3 million to secure his release. It was actually a hit of money but the upsides is that he is indeed freed.

“It’s been a long time coming for Mike,” attorney Tim Yazbeck said. “But now he can get back to being the artist he is, doing what he loves, and seeing his kids again.”

Mystikal fund is a supports that comes from his friends. It's a fund that was raised by his lovely friends and also from the family and a new record contract. Fans are happy after the rapper was able to have new contract from his albums and from there the fund setted by Louisiana judge as bond was gotten.

The NOLA native rapper was pushed to jail on Auguest for first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping. 

According to his attorney, “Based on all of the evidence we have, we strongly believe that an
amicable resolution is not only possible but probable as an outcome in this case and that Michael Tyler will never be made to return to jail for a crime he didn’t commit.” said his lawyer.

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Is clear that Michael Tyler and 21 Savage has been freed but in differnce ways. Savage still heading over to court for his hearing just like we said.

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