Lil Wayne Don’t Buy Or Ignore Gucci Over Blackface Scandal

Lil Wayne Don't Buy Or Ignore Gucci Over Blackface Scandal

Most of the high profile celebrities has been catching the wind of Gucci that is causing a serious beef between 50 Cent, I.T and both has previously launched social assault against Floyd Mayweather. While 50 Cent suspended his Gucci brand wear, burning it off and giving it away to those that appreciate. Gucci aimed to sell a sweater that looked like a depiction of blackface and totally got slammed and disapproved by hot line artist but seem Lil Wayne is buy the Backlash rather than to ignore Gucci.

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Amahiphop has strongly accept that Tunechi knows more about the condemned Gucci design and don’t care to pair with those who are likely to put an ending. To our surprise, during the Rolling Loud hosted a “pre-Roll” party in Miami, we saw the Young Money Boss posing up with Gucci wear that supports a blue and orange. He also shared the photos on Instagram that reads ”Lil Wayne Attend His Pre-Roll Event At STORY Nightclub With His Young Money Artists On!.”

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