Future Takes Over Drake Record On U.S. Charts With The WIZRD Album

Future Takes Over Drake Record On The U.S. Charts With The WIZRD Album

Record is created and can be broken at any time. Drake has be enjoying an extremely little bit of flak right from set. His album has earn him a golden spoon with the support of his few songs. Future he made out from2018 and land with a new album called The WIZRD has pull out a juggernaut with that project.

As for the US. chart, the Future album, The WIZRD is smiling unstoppable as it become the toppers on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums countdown in the past decade. Of course the album is now live on Billboard with the trending album of 2019 even putting Drakes project behind it.

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Future WIZRD is the ninth number one already Drake, having previously tied with eight apiece, including their joint 2015 release, What a Time to Be Alive. Well things might flip off just like we normally see ob Billboard. New album might strike and claim its glory even old albums can do that ?

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