Floyd Mayweather New Gucci Fashion Body Showing His Full Support: See Photo

Floyd Mayweather New Gucci Fashion
Floyd Mayweather caught wind of the smoke from 50 Cent and T.I, roasting him for putting on Gucci. Now the boxer champion is taking a back aim with a havoc figurative poke of finger to those who assaulted him for staying on brand on Gucci. 50 Cent new beef with  Gonzalez is a little off limit to his legal foe that he normally troll on social media.

While Fifty stretch his attention fully on NYPD officer who tried to gun sight him after seeing him on police boxing arena, at least Floyd Mayweather got a new advantage on the G-Unite rapper. Floyd Mayweather is no longer taking a back off on Gucci following the haters wishes but wore a new fashion of Gucci that will spark more trend online. The undisputed and undefeated Floyd Mayweather boxing, has showed up few hours long with a his new fashioned body clearly showing Gucci despite the backslash.

Amahiphop just weigh in on his Instagram account where the Champion boxer a Gucci as he rock clap back to haters. It's a fully dressed which rage from his leg to shoulder. With no desperation, his new post on Gram is a support to Gucci and even if you are already hating him over the little misdemeanor, is clearly that he is turning on to be your enemy. 

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Not most of the celebrities are giving aim on Gucci and also boycotting on this particular brand. Few days back Lil Wayne appears online wearing the same Gucci. Everything about Floyd started getting posting after TMZ address Mayweather shipping Gucci after his acknowledgement the clothing design just like we updated.

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