Chris Brown Message Offset: If You Are A Real Man Fight Me

Chris Brown Message Offset: If You Are A Real Man Fight Me

Offset and Chris Brown just run-in again on social scuffle but this time everything was reignite following 21 Savage plight which is currently getting a relentless rounds online. We all know by now that Savage was arrested on his unlawful appearance just as US ICE detailed meanwhile the Back Account is sitting for his court hearing of course going to face the rock.

50 Cent has out vocal with his trolling against 21 Savage and 69 although that was extremely rare because Fif still likes 69 but nigga needs to get something off his mind. While Chris Brown peek on 21 Savage new trending, the R&B singer then made his own advocate but in a meme over 21 Savage.

Actually we don’t understand breezy memes on 21 Savage awful situation but seem Offset does that better and he then call out Chris Brown for making memes over the detained rapper. Memes ain’t funny lame Offset posted previously after Chris Brown. Migos and Chris Brown once clash so Offset and Breezy is taking is personal.

Meme ain’t funny Lame is seems erratic to Chris and he has replied with a nut and bitterly getting Offset attention. His post that reads If You Are A Real Man Fight Me is blowing and sparking the social platform.

Offset has not reply yet but we are waiting to hear or see the next action. Cardi b and Offset has been in support of 21 savage with some of other peers, Why Chris Brown ?

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