Cardi b Defends Blueface and Denied Her Booty Smell Rumour

cardi b  blueface story rumour
Cardi b found her self in the middle of her foes. She got stepped on with awful rumour in a very deep way. She was negatively promoted online where backbiters admits Blueface took a survey on Cardi b and then unleash that  that booty smells. The upped rumour has then developed in the means of the West Coast rapper and Cardi b though they denied the fake fact in respective slams to gossipers.

The female 2018 Grammy rapper has verbally blast gossip sites for tarnishing her name under the influence of Blueface collaboration. However it all started after the alleged and false comment where made on Blueface. “twerk wind” smell like a “dead raccoon” Blueface said ?

blueface comment cardi b

Now it wasn't to Cardi b and if they did this to poke fun on her she is stopping by calling out fake publisher claim their mouth. “I should run a whole blog at this rate they using my name for clickbait,” Cardi wrote on the Gram. “People be trying so hard to destroy me. Fake stories everyday. It’s not going to work I’m too blessed.” she said.

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Blueface also join force to stop the inflammable story and he also respond saying, “This sh*t fake as a b**ch y’all got both of us f***ed up discredit any site posting this because that must mean everything else they posting fake news as well,”

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