Cardi b and Offset Wants Fans To Assist 21 Savage From Deportation

It keep getting bit tougher but Offset and Cardi b are working assiduously to get things done for the detained 21 Savage. Young Thug previously sent message to 21 Savage let him know he is save after Meek Mill posted Free 12 Savage on twitter. We have gather a lot of help from hip-hop community just in support of the arrested UK rapper in US.

While Nicki Minaj pull out her opinion towards Tomi for planing to deport Savage, Cardi b and Offset still wants fans help in this awful situation and their advocate over the Bank Account rapper issue is seriously get ground.

Some other of his peers in hip-hop are also get set about this yet Cardi b and her come back soon husband are pushing on this very matter.

“We will read and educate ourselves on this situation and we will take action!” Cardi B wrote on Instagram. “21 did not come here illegally and was not caught doing anything illegal or doing any mischief! in fact he have change his whole life around and as ya can see he’s been very positive in his actions and music.” Cardi Said on IG

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