Interview: 21 Savage ICE Physical Attack Puts Rapper On Emotional Deport

21 Savage Good Morning America interview

All stories behind the detained but released Savage is now getting
buried. He was able to be unlawful personnel after his 2007 issued visa
gave him ICE present with gun and police blue light shinning as rounded.
Following his awful encounter, his 2019 arrest has at least table lengthy hindsight just after he was released on bond.

The testifying 21 Savage made his new acknowledgement on new sited interview
with Good Morning America and stretch more about his run-in with the USA
. Seem the rapper knew it about his expired visa meanwhile running
into police puts him out of normal emotion as ICE operation was a
special target which was also a scheduled assault.

The U.K real born She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph 21 Savage attracted more attention from Good Morning
America after his was asked question following his ICE arrest.

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“I just was driving and I just seen guns and blue lights,” he tells the
show. “I was in the back of a car and I was gone.” 21 says it wasn’t
made clear why officers were taking him or where he was going. “They
didn’t say nothing. They just said, ‘We got Savage.'” the victim saying.

His final verdict as responded to GMA was he dont know what the issued
visa was which also means that his expired visa was caused due to
ignorant ?
“I ain’t know what a visa was,” he told Good Morning America.
“I was seven when I first came here. I knew I wasn’t born here but I
didn’t know what that means as far as how I transitioned into an adult.”
Much of the initial shock of 21’s arrest stemmed from the new
information that the rapper was born in the U.K. “I wasn’t hiding
it. But I didn’t want to get deported so I wasn’t just finna be like,
‘Hey, by the way, I wasn’t born here.'”
TMZ reported the rapper was released on bond although with the help of Jay Z’s legal team. The rapper is current at home resting while he wait for his court hearing.

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