50 Cent Wants Teairra Mari Pay Up $30K She Owe Him

50 Cent  $30K

50 Cent, when it comes to money nigga don’t play with that so if you are dealing with him you ought to be careful. 50 Cent to made us to know that Teairra Mari is still owning his legal fee which she needs to pay him back.  Teairra Mari seem having some bill to Pay Up about $30K just as rapper mentioned.

R.Kelly sex scandal is getting everyone sit up even 50 Cent is reminding us with something similar like that. Last year was one of the best year where 50 Cent was granted a favor after she won Terirra Mari who fired on him with porn case. Actually the rapper had the best side and the judge declared Teairra guilty after she filed 50 Cent with false accusation.

Judge has order the woman in question which is Mari to pay the POWER man $30K after she was’t able to justify her appeal. The total money was $161,660.15 which 50 Cent grip on insisting that Teairra most pay off the money to him but the judge then divide it and tell Mari to pay the half of the money.

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Fifty Cent, always wants jab against someone meanwhile his court with Mari was so bless as he able get his expenses back from his opponent. The social media troll king took to his account just as normally want the public to know his and now that Teairra has fallen to his victim he the use the advantage of that to demand his $30K as the judge ordered.

50 Cent Teairra Mari Pay Up $30K

“Look Teairra it’s been a whole weekend, I WANT MY MONEY NOW!!! you ain’t got 30k call your Boo tell him you need 30. LOL #lecheminduroi,” 50 Cent said.

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